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Entry #3

Getting things back on track, or something along the lines..

2013-09-06 20:24:11 by Claudi

I've been extremely lazy with finishing my already over extending music projects >_> The thing is that I usually just record melody in to my Korg C-520 and then leave it there, cuz for some reason it would be too much of hasslehoff to record straight to pc or transfer the midi file to pc to make them into something.

I've also become inspired by my iPad, the moment I realized that I could connect it to my midi-keyboard and record stuff into DAW apps blew my mind. So I naturally have tons of loops and unfinished projects in my iPad too ;D

I'm thinking of picking up some of those good loops etc. and just upload them so I could share atleast some music. Otherwise I'll never finish anything and if someone happens to listen or like them, that'll make me happy. Cheers!


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